[Dshield] Re: crippled POP3 service: is this legal?

Kenneth Coney superc at VISUALLINK.COM
Sun Aug 3 17:36:09 GMT 2003

I gather you don't use a program that simply saves your email to your own
hard drive like the Netscape 4.7 series does?

BTW, I wouldn't send anyone to Hotmail.  Yes, they allow free storage of up
to 2 megs.  However, your email buffer fills in only a few days as the new
hot mail address is apparently shared with the spammers.  I created a
hotmail address once, didn't use it and logged back in 3 hours later and it
had about a dozen spam mails in it before I could use it.  My suspicion is
email account names are distributed to spammers by Hotmail.  Spam mail is
supposedly removed there every 7 days, but your junk mail box will eat your
buffer in 3 as Hotmail wants you to give them a credit card number to pay
for more storage.  (FYI, that doesn't help and I am told it merely opens
the floodgate for a larger flood of email while you receive encouragement
from Hotmail to spend even more money on more storage space.)  If you
created a Hotmail address you would spend time every 3 days removing the
junk mail least your mail box be full, and therefore no longer capable of
storing mail and the Hotmail system would be forced to auto delete your
stored messages to make more room for the spammers.

A much better option is @yahoo.com  The mailbox is much larger and their
spam filters (called bulk mail there) are much friendlier.

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