[Dshield] Re: DCOM Question

Keith Bergen keith at keithbergen.com
Mon Aug 4 20:31:17 GMT 2003

Actually, Remote Desktop isn't too bad in my configuration.

1. I don't use the default port of 3389.
2. There are currently no known security holes for RD.
3. My linksys router does not permit port scans. It will shut 
down the IP if it detects one.
4. If all that fails, you still have to know a valid account 
name and a valid password.

Oh, and obviously, I turn off the guest account.


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>On Mon, 2003-08-04 at 16:12, Keith Bergen wrote:
>> I use a linksys router/switch at home. I simply enable the 
>> limited number of ports that I need available (WEB, Remote 
>> Desktop). That router provides a limited table where you 
>> forward the ports you want. I presume then that all others 
>> are not open and don't go anywhere since I haven't 
>> told the router what to do with them.
>Call me paranoid but in a million years I would not use 
remote desktop.
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