[Dshield] Road Runner

Rick Klinge rick at jaray.net
Wed Aug 6 12:59:32 GMT 2003

Nope.. isp's provide pipe...  it's up to the end user to protect

kind of like 'safe sex' don't ya think?


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> Since I have moved to Central Florida, I susbscribed to RoadRunner, I
> have noticed a HIGH number of attacks against my machine and most likely
> other machines.  I have sent repeated  reports of activity which
> RoadRunner could avoid by applying SIMPLE rules to their firewall/router
> to stop.
> I have also called the abuse department (3) times where they promise a
> 48 hour response, yet I have heard nothing from them.  I ask you, is
> this ISP putting the rest of the Internet at risk by their lack of

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