[Dshield] Road Runner

Leone, Michael michael_leone at merck.com
Wed Aug 6 13:11:24 GMT 2003

Comcast (back when it was called @home) used to scan certain ports a lot
every so often the same ports. So I bound netcat to those ports and had it
stream /dev/urandom to whatever tried to connect to the ports. 2 days of
that and I never had a scan any of the ports again. :-)

I then had a problem with DoS attacks and sent detailed logs to the abuse
department and they never did a thing, even customer service said "wait till
it stops, that's all you can do", until I called customer support after 2
days and said they either stop the attacks or I want my money back for that
month and I want my contract canceled, even though I had 4 months left on
it. They changed my ip and all was fine again.

Nowadays since @home went belly up. <sarcasm> Oh Gee, I wonder why?
</sarcasm> Comcast runs things and you make a report to abuse and 5 seconds
later they call you and help you out. They take DoS attacks and spam very
seriously, I have never received one iota of spam on my Comcast account. My
Penn State account however is usually 99% spam. I only use Yahoo and Hotmail
accounts when I buy stuff and those I  keep on permission status, so I need
to specify the address or wildcard of the sender for it to even show up in
my inbox. But I am fed up with my PSU account and they won't do a thing. So
I usually send all the spam to Spamcop. Believe it or not It does make a big

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