[Dshield] Routers

Keith Bergen keith at keithbergen.com
Wed Aug 6 15:04:03 GMT 2003

I will add a new twist to the Linksys Wireless.

I have an old "Version 1" 4 port wireless cable/dsl switch. I 
have friends that have the "Version 2" of this. These all 
work fine, and we get a decent signal.

We experimented with the 802.11g router, and found that the 
signal was approximately 1/2 of the V1 and V2 routers. I 
believe that Linksys has dropped the power in hopes that 
people will buy the signal booster that they sell. The actual 
power supply was smaller too, hinting to the decrease in 

In short, I am NOT anxiously awaiting the prices to come down.


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>I did a usability comparison between Linksys, D-Link, 
Netgear, and the SMC
>To make a long story short, I dumped all of them in favor of 
the SMC router.
>First, it is the only router that I have found in the "home 
user" price range
>that will fully support both Wireless and Wired connections 
without problems.
>The firewall is very easy to configure, and is very 
effective at preventing
>intrusions.  The wireless part, I have set up on MAC 
Lockdown.  I placed a 16
>port SMC switch in front of it to get the multiple 
connections I needed for my
>home network.  The router appears to be supporting all this 
just fine.
>I was led to SMC as a long time user of their switches (both 
managed and
>unmanaged, and have always been impressed with the quality 
and functionality.
>I am anxiously awaiting for prices to come down of 802.11g 
equipment for better
>The local cable company here distributes Linksys wireless 
routers with their
>cable broadband plans, and most of them are left in default 
>allowing unauthorized connections by neighbors.  I guess as 
users get more
>sophisticated, every other residence will learn to connect 
to their neighbor's
>router and hijack free broadband connections.
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>| How does the SMC7008ABR stand up? That's an 8-port in my 
price range.
>| Anybody familiar with that product?
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