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Rod Carty rod at en-consult.ca
Wed Aug 6 17:35:29 GMT 2003

You didn't test the GVC models. Any reason?

Doug wrote:
> I did a usability comparison between Linksys, D-Link, Netgear, and the SMC
> "Barricade"
> To make a long story short, I dumped all of them in favor of the SMC router.
> First, it is the only router that I have found in the "home user" price range
> that will fully support both Wireless and Wired connections without problems.
> The firewall is very easy to configure, and is very effective at preventing
> intrusions.  The wireless part, I have set up on MAC Lockdown.  I placed a 16
> port SMC switch in front of it to get the multiple connections I needed for my
> home network.  The router appears to be supporting all this just fine.
> I was led to SMC as a long time user of their switches (both managed and
> unmanaged, and have always been impressed with the quality and functionality.
> I am anxiously awaiting for prices to come down of 802.11g equipment for better
> throughput.
> The local cable company here distributes Linksys wireless routers with their
> cable broadband plans, and most of them are left in default configuration,
> allowing unauthorized connections by neighbors.  I guess as users get more
> sophisticated, every other residence will learn to connect to their neighbor's
> router and hijack free broadband connections.

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