[Dshield] Routers

Leone, Michael michael_leone at merck.com
Wed Aug 6 18:14:43 GMT 2003

I don't use wireless, I ran cat5 throughout my house, so every room that has
a phone jack also has a data jack right next to it. 

The only wireless I use is the MDS iNet 900 Ethernet bridge with a yagi
antenna on it. It gets a 30 miles range and uses microwave and high-end
encryption. I have a slave station at another location 2.5 miles away and I
have a simple 5 port switch on it. 

Its not super-fast but its used by nasa a lot and its very secure.

But that's straying from my point. I need a new wired router, 8 ports for
about $90 and less. So far Linksys and the SMC are the 2 in my direct price
range. I haven't heard much about the smc, except one horror story about the
barricades 4-port little brother - but that was more a customer service

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