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Josh Tolley josh at raintreeinc.com
Thu Aug 7 15:35:30 GMT 2003

If wireless is required (and I gather it's not in this particular case) I
have to add that my Linksys experience is little beyond blood, sweat, and
tears. I have used several Linksys WAP's, and haven't yet seen one that
doesn't consistently drop connections, or more commonly slow all traffic to
a crawl, even with my apparently excellent Orinoco card. Any traffic more
intense than web, email, and instant messenger seems to strain it past some
critical point, particularly if you have more than one machine associated
with the device simultaneously.
	I have had very few problems with my D-Link wireless router/4-port
wired switch/print server (until attaching it to a cable modem that needs to
be rebooted before it can issue a new IP lease...) and the Netgear wireless
router/4-port switch that I use on a similar network. I admit that I have
put neither one very much to the test -- I haven't put nmap or hping on one
side and a sniffer on the other to see what gets through, for example. Nor
have I experimented greatly with their logging. 

Josh Tolley

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> I personally prefer Netgear to Linksys.  I've had two Linksys
> wireless routers die on me and didn't get good support from 
> them.  Right now I use an Orinoco I've had for over a year
> with no problem, but Netgear is a lot cheaper for even more features.
> I set up home networks for my users whenever
> possible so that I can make them more secure and I really like
> the Netgear routers. It sounds like Linksys has improved in the
> last year, but I used to notice that the Netgear routers had a
> better range for the same price.
> Sue Young

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