[Dshield] Routers

Mike Reed mikereed at maddico.com
Thu Aug 7 15:46:05 GMT 2003

> But that's straying from my point. I need a new wired router, 
> 8 ports for about $90 and less. So far Linksys and the SMC are
> the 2 in my direct price range. I haven't heard much about the 
> smc, except one horror story about the barricades 4-port little
> brother - but that was more a customer service thing. 

If price is your main concern (and you like getting your hands & brain
dirty), have a look at my setup:

- Old Packard-Bell P60 desktop - $1,500 when I bought it new ten years ago,
probably worth about $20 now. (That 120MB non-enhanced IDE drive was huge &
- OpenBSD 3.3 - downloaded from ftp site - $0.
- 2 3com PCI NIC's, 2 daisy-chained 4-port 3com OfficeConnect hubs - all
"borrowed" from work - $0.
- Concentric Networks unmanaged DSL bridge - $75 on Ebay.
- 1.5/256 RADSL Connection from Speakeasy Networks (their customer service
rocks and they actually encourage home networks (single static IP & no
PPOE), though they are a bit pricey.) - $200 setup + $75/mo.
- 1000' roll Belkin solid-core cat5 cable - $45 from Home Depot (cheaper
than I could get from my distributor!).
- various connectors, crimpers, wall jacks - $30.
- 2 Ambicom Cardbus PCCard NIC's for my 2 laptops - $40
- 1 hot, sweaty weekend to wire the house & about 3 months to figure out how
to configure the Berkely packet filter firewall and NAT on OpenBSD 3.3 (I
was not a UNIX guru at the time) - Priceless!

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