[Dshield] Source Quench?

Paul Marsh pmarsh at nmefdn.org
Fri Aug 8 12:16:36 GMT 2003

Correct me if I'm wrong but Source Quench is an ICMP packet sent from a host telling the other host to slow down with it's packet transmittal because it's behind it processing what it's already received. resolves out to mail.komsena.lt, do you communicate with this domain/box?

Thanx, Paul

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Subject: [Dshield] Source Quench?

Anybody seen this before:
08/08/2003 13:30:35.880 ICMP packet dropped, 4, WAN
212.213.xxx..x, DMZ Source Quench, Code: 0
What the heck is going on?
Best regards

Radiant sir, radiant.

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