[Dshield] TCP port 135 - Some Vulnerability Numbers

Blake McNeill mcneillb at linklogger.com
Mon Aug 11 18:38:03 GMT 2003

I love numbers as they can tell a pretty good story about what is going to
happen, so when I see someone say 20 - 40% of systems are vulnerable I have
to check for myself so I scanned a number of systems at random from around
the world to find out for myself about what percentage of systems are
vulnerable using a simple eEye type scan.

Total Systems scanned (don't be surprised if my IP address shows up in
myNetWatchman or DShield)

Total Patched
346 - 26.99%

Total Vulnerable
738 - 57.57%

Total Not Vulnerable for other reasons (Windows 9x/ME, DCOM disabled, etc)
198 - 15.44%

It would appear that the far east is going to get whacked again as they tend
to have the higher percentages of vulnerable systems (if your outsourcing
anything in India might I suggest placing a call to them to see if they have
patched against this impending attack as I would have my doubts).


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