[Dshield] Logging problem with Linksys wireless router

Dan dan at dbdigitalweb.com
Tue Aug 12 03:17:17 GMT 2003

Did you try wall watcher?  That is a great program and it should work with
your router (I never got logviewer to work right).

Also you need to set the IP of the machine you want to recive the logs.
Normally you want that to be a static IPas a dynamic one somtimes send the
logs to the wrong computer (depending on if you have more than one system on
the router).

Oh one other thing to check, if you have a firewall on your computer that
may be blocking it.  Check your logs of your software wall, if you get a lot
of blocked IP's that are your router's address, then it is blocking it and
you need to lower the security settings at least on the LAN side.


>I've got a Linksys Wireless router (model BEFW11S4) that I'm trying to
>get to log to my local machine (WinXP Home Ed.).  I've downloaded all
>three products that were mentioned on the DShield web site (Linksys's
>LogViewer, Kiwi Syslog and the SNMP utility), and can get none of them
>to grab the incoming/outgoing logs on my router.

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