[Dshield] A note on MSblaster and Home machines

John Dalton dubuque_1 at msn.com
Tue Aug 12 14:21:33 GMT 2003

Just a small note, I was surprised talking with a friend in Sioux City, Iowa
(yes Deb over by your end of state) that he was infected with the msblaster
worm. What was interesting was his only connection is through a AT&T dialup
account. He is 75 yo and in nursing home, with a XP home edition machine.
When  I just got done chatting with him, he was again getting 45 second
warning to shut down) He had gone to the Symantec site and followed the info
as well to correct, but he may have been getting hit with the 2nd variation.

Anyone else see this happening??

John D

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