[Dshield] DCOM morning after

Darren Gasser kaos at earthlink.net
Tue Aug 12 16:41:48 GMT 2003

Ben Robson wrote:
> The thing that does it for me is that I can -almost- accept the home
> user community falling prey to this, but I am absolutely pole-axed at
> the concept that companies, money making organisations who's number
> one
> asset is information, are connecting unpatched systems to the Internet
> with out even turning on Microsoft's own IPSec tools, or installing
> some
> cheap -free-, do nothing/know nothing packet filter.

I call, and raise.  My logs show that at least 2 hosting firms had most of
their network compromised yesterday.  These are organizations who run
servers as their only business, and they don't have current patches or
anything resembling border security, either.



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