[Dshield] rpc

*Hobbit* hobbit at avian.org
Tue Aug 12 10:31:35 GMT 2003

It's really unfortunate that M$ has made RPC really hard/infeasible to
disable completely.  Sure, you can turn the service off and reboot,
and your machine will then take about 10-15 minutes for everything that
wants to interact with RPC to try, fail, time out, and then finally
either fail or keep going.  But the machine *will* come up and run, it'll
just be inordinately slow at a lot of things because of this idiotic long
RPC timeout.

Why isn't there some way to just let other parts of the OS know "no,
there isn't any RPC, just go do what you have to do without it" ?!
This is evidently one reason "safe mode" takes so long to get going,
too -- which ironically you'd expect to boot almost instantly.

It would be nice to be able to come up and usefully run without services.exe
or svchost.exe running at all, especially after most of the services within
them have been disabled.  Thanks so much, unca bill.


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