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Skull Crusher skull at zipcon.net
Tue Aug 12 18:23:15 GMT 2003

I believe Scooter is just a Spider

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Over the past 2 days I have received about 5000 hits from machines trying to
enter my network though the 135 port.  I assume this has to do with the
MSBlast worm.  It has already struck two of my friends.  I have the linksys
BEFSR41 router.  I wrote my own program to get the data from the router and
stick it into a database. I then created my own reports via a web interface.
I have been very satisfied with this router.


I also have a question, in some of my HTTP logs, I see Scooter/3.3 as a
browser type.  The host that is log with this is  Anyone have any info on this?



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