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Blanchard, Joe BLANCHAJ at bsci.com
Tue Aug 12 18:56:47 GMT 2003 - - [15/Jul/2003:16:23:53 -0400] "GET /robots.txt HTTP/1.0"
200 24 "-" "Scooter/3.3.vscooter"

Scooter is a web crawler/spider/robot. Its just gathering info to use for
searches. If you don't
want it to cache info, you can simply put a robots.txt in the root of your
html docs directory.
More detailed info is at: http://www.robotstxt.org/wc/robots.html

Theres others out there too, like Slurp/si; slurp at inktomi.com,SurveyBot/2.3


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Over the past 2 days I have received about 5000 hits from machines trying to
enter my network though the 135 port.  I assume this has to do with the
MSBlast worm.  It has already struck two of my friends.  I have the linksys
BEFSR41 router.  I wrote my own program to get the data from the router and
stick it into a database. I then created my own reports via a web interface.
I have been very satisfied with this router.


I also have a question, in some of my HTTP logs, I see Scooter/3.3 as a
browser type.  The host that is log with this is  Anyone have any info on this?



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