[Dshield] connection between svchost errors and RPC/DCOM exploit

Hill, Keith Keith.Hill at occ.treas.gov
Tue Aug 12 18:17:07 GMT 2003

Does anyone have additional information regarding the link between the
current RPC exploit and the an error message - svchost.exe "can't read
memory" error and the loss of right click functions?  I haven't seen this
information in any of the AV lists or the Microsoft information.  I did see
some discussion on the Expert's exchange board that appears to link them.
So far only one of my numerous groups has seen the svchost error and all
those devices were unpatched.  Other groups had computers that were infected
but did not experience the svchost error.


Keith Hill
kjhill at cox.net
(703) 599-8133
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