[Dshield] DCOM morning after

Doug doug at dwhite.ws
Tue Aug 12 19:51:19 GMT 2003

You have a good point - but not just Microsoft.

Since I run a mix if Linux and Windows servers on my network, I am seeing just
as many security patches come down from Red Hat as I am Windows.

It just goes with the territory, I think.

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| Do you guys, think of how much does Security/patching costs in terms of
| people, time and money?
| Why can't Microsoft just make sure that they are stuffs are correctly and
| securely written and coded?
| I have been patching and even using special software for massive patching
| and still patching!!!
| When can I have a rest and dedicate my time on other subject than just
| patching?
| I am tired.
| Cheers
| Serge

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