[Dshield] Security consulting question

Geoff Shively gshively at pivx.com
Wed Aug 13 18:07:29 GMT 2003

Charge whatever your time and skills are worth by
market and personal standards. This thread has good
data on what to charge, now combine that with your
own self worth and bingo you have a number. BUT...

ONE PIECE OF ADVICE when consulting on anything
anywhere, always make sure the client knows your
price and your estimated time on the job- bingo.e. this windows
install Keith is using as example, so that when you do
give them a bill for 4 hours of work at 300+ dollars, they
don't scream, or as much ;)


Geoff Shively, CHO
PivX Solutions, LLC

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> I would recommend that first you write up a statement of
> work. This can be a simple document (nothing elaborate), but
> it will lay out exactly what work will be done, and what will
> not be covered.
> This can help you a lot. A lot of companies do not know how
> much time things like these take. They think that installing
> Windows is 1/2 hour and you're done. They don't think about
> creating user accounts, security updates, etc. All this takes
> time, and then when you hit them with a $300 bill, they
> scream.
> If you have a good statement of work, then you should be able
> to accurately quote a figure that you are both happy with. As
> far as what you charge? That's really up to you. If you are
> not an established consulting firm that offers warranties and
> redundant resources (people) etc, you probably want to stay
> below the $100 mark. I would say that anywhere between the
> $50 and $85 is good. For friends I will stay a little lower.
> The big thing is to not start out too low. You're stuck there
> for future work.
> Keith.
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> >
> >I just helped out another nearby small office identify that
> they have
> >the latest worm and it is spreading.  They wanted to know
> how much I'd
> >charge to fix it.  While there another fella from another
> office also
> >said he'd need some help.  I've never done any consulting
> work, so I'm
> >curious, what would some of you consultants on the list get
> for this
> >type of work?  If you don't feel comfortable giving #'s what
> about a
> >site that might have that sort of info.  I'm wondering if it
> might turn
> >into something nice on the side for a while.
> >
> >Thanks.
> >
> >Richard Roy
> >
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