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Andy Hopkins Andy.Hopkins at healthAlliance.co.nz
Wed Aug 13 20:37:03 GMT 2003

I'd like to echo that. I work for a health provider in Auckland, NZ. One of
the orgs which connect directly to us was taken out big time. If it hadn't
been for the information from this group to support my arguements with
management I don't belive we'd have stopped this thing getting in.

Thanks all

Andy Hopkins
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  I'd just like to take a moment and send out a BIG thank you to Johannes
Ullrich for creating Dshield.  I'd also like to thank my fellow dshielder's,
the information reported on this list has been 100% accurate and in
everyone's mailbox long before anyone else even knew what was going on.  The
list in my opinion is the best on the net.  

  I've been watching/listening/reading the major news agencies over the past
two days first off let me say a day late and a dollar short, it's amazing
how un-informed some people really are.  A reporter on CNN last night
thought it was funny when her system started rebooting.  Most news agencies
are reporting that if you update your AV, run a removal tool and apply the
patch your system is OK.  Why aren't these people reading and understanding
what's going on?  http://isc.sans.org/diary.html?date=2003-08-09  

  OK enough venting.

  Again thank you Johannes and thank you Dshielder's

Thanx, Paul  

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