[Dshield] LoveSan worm - I need a copy of it.

Johannes B. Ullrich jullrich at sans.org
Wed Aug 13 20:29:09 GMT 2003

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> Do you know where I can find a copy of the LoveSan virus (worm) in binary.?    
> I've been asked to analyse it,  so I can write a snort rule for it.

I will send you a copy off list.

> does it use UDP or TCPIP....  and where can I find info on it,  or results of
> earlier analysis of it.

tcp to spread ( tcp 135, 4444 for the shell), udp to upload the worm

The RPC DCOM snort rules work fine for it.

> I'm also looing for a good intel dis-assembler,  one written in C and can run on UNIX machines or Mac OS-9, or OS-10.
> I hear they exist,  but initial web searches haven't come up with anything yet.
> Figured I would ask here first,  before spending a long time on a fruitless search.
> if someone already wrote a snort rule for it,  I would really like to get it installed in our IDS system as soon as possible for some of our customers.
> I've already checked the Snort web site,  nothing was there,  unless they added it to their library and didn't mention it.
> John
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