[Dshield] Home User - Never so popular?

Roger Gelder roger.gelder at ntlworld.com
Wed Aug 13 22:27:17 GMT 2003

I reviewed my Visual Zone (son of Zone Alarm) logsheets. With 'always on'
(alright I am trying to achieve a 1,000 results for Seti at home, a poor effort
but mine very
own!!), I routinely register around a 100 daily queries/hacks/pings on my
PC, thwarted
always by ZoneAlarm and reported to me by Visual Zone.
The last 4 days tell a tale:-
9th to 10th              attempts    190    "RPC Remote Procedure Calls"
10th to 11th                              148
11th to12th                               552
12th to 13th                              932
                        OUCH,as one would say, under such circumstances!
    The majority are detailed as my ISP 'infrastructure'?
    Oh God - didn't they read the warnings/listen to the news/ have their
own firewalls?
   Or has someone mistaken my home PC for Mr. Gate's home unit?
   Or, perhaps, I am just the practice run for Saturday and  the dinosaur
killer ?
        If you don't hear from  me again  .......
            Have an improving one, as they say  :)

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