[Dshield] MSBlaster Status, Current Activity Level?

Dan Morrill Dan.Morrill at PREMERA.com
Wed Aug 13 23:12:32 GMT 2003

Seeing Zero activity (snort detect) on a qwest DSL line in Seattle
Washington since 07:30 local (PST) time.

Hope this helps!
Dan Morrill

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From: Geoff Shively [mailto:gshively at pivx.com] 
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Subject: [Dshield] MSBlaster Status, Current Activity Level?

As I look around dshield.org for records of the blaster saga, it seems that
activity has peaked on the night of the 11th, is this correct? Reference

As our monitored boxes are seeing a definite decrease in activity I am
curious to know what kind of activity is everyone seeing today.

Also, who is seeing hits from these lame renamed "variants"?


Geoff Shively, CHO
PivX Solutions, LLC

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