[Dshield] Some questions about RedHat 7.1 bugs

Ryan McConigley ryan at csse.uwa.edu.au
Thu Aug 14 01:22:30 GMT 2003

At 07:34 PM 14/08/2003 -0700, you wrote:
>Hello everybody,
>I am an amatuer Linux system administrator and I am installing a secure
>server. I choosed RedHat 7.1 for my box and installed the follow services
>after patching all bugs published in RedHat site:
>     - Sendmail 8.
>     - Opensshd 1.3.
>     - Bind
>     - Apache 2.0
>I would like you give me some advices and what I need to do for my box or
>others bugs that have not been puplished in the internet.
>Thanks for your help,

         Best thing I could recommend is to use RedHat's up2date service to 
update everything else on your system, or at least use it to generate a 
list of what other updates are available.  Some are minor things like 
giving you the correct fonts, but some are more major and you may not even 
know you have the product in question installed.


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