[Dshield] Some questions about RedHat 7.1 bugs

Keith Bergen keith at keithbergen.com
Thu Aug 14 02:23:55 GMT 2003

Well, first I would recommend upgrading to the latest redhat ISO. You can
download them (if on Broadband).

I often set up multiple boots on Linux boxes so that I can boot whatever
kernel I like. There is a how-to on that. I think it was linux-howto.com or
something like that.

Next, look at the various sites for the most recent versions. Most of them
will have RPM's for Redhat. Sendmail.org for sendmail etc. Don't rely on the
redhat site for the latest RPM's. You need to go to the source.

Now, you need to scan the box and shut down ANY ports that are not
absolutely necessary.

Running a secure server is not a simple task, and will take some time to
learn. If you follow the plan of "Deny everything, and allow only that which
you need", you will succeed.

Good Luck!


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Hello everybody,
I am an amatuer Linux system administrator and I am installing a secure
server. I choosed RedHat 7.1 for my box and installed the follow services
after patching all bugs published in RedHat site:
    - Sendmail 8.
    - Opensshd 1.3.
    - Bind
    - Apache 2.0
I would like you give me some advices and what I need to do for my box or
others bugs that have not been puplished in the internet. Thanks for your

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