[Dshield] Just touching base

Geoff Shively gshively at pivx.com
Thu Aug 14 21:57:38 GMT 2003

Have seen a slight increase in Scandinavia, but nothing too big. Denmark saw
some numbers going up, but they returned to the slowing trend within a few


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> >It's been relatively quiet about one probe every 5-10 minutes but in the
last hour it seems to be increasing to a probe every  1-2 minutes, anyone
else seeing an increase?
> >
> >Thanx, Paul
> >
> Yes I have noticed the same here in Sweden at 217.215.X.X. Aug 12th was
> the worst so far, then yesterday it slowed down a bit. Today begun fairly
> slow with not that many hits on 135, but the last couple of hours it
> seems to be back at about the same hitrate as I noticed on Aug 12th, if
> not even higher.
> 99% of all hits on port 135 though, comes from the same netblock as I'm
> on, that is 217.215.X.X. That seems to be exactly what should be
> expected, judging from how this worm is written.
> Sten-Arne
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