[Dshield] power outages all across North Eastern US

Geoff Shively gshively at pivx.com
Thu Aug 14 22:16:25 GMT 2003

I understand your concern.... though... is it speculation maybe. Germane, no

This and other lists are built on brainstorming. Say this was not a
malicious attack, well now you know what SCADA is and your a bit more
educated, so if something were to happen-- you now know. For others they see
some info on a list, open up google and do their own research on said topic.

I will leave this topic in the hands of moderators. ;)


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> On Thu, 14 Aug 2003, Andre Ludwig wrote:
> > Possible SCADA attack?  What's everyone's thought on that possibility?
> Everyone's thought would probably be speculation.
> While speculation and brainstorming "what if this was..." possibilities
> can be fun, it probably isn't germane to dshield.
> I have seen no reports that this is due to an intentional act of sabotage.
> But, thanks for the acronym. :)
> -jeff
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