[Dshield] Interesting Prefetch file in Windows XP and MSBLAST.exe

Deb Hale haled at pionet.net
Fri Aug 15 13:16:33 GMT 2003

Yes,  I have a laptop that has the same file.  I am having a problem with
this one finishing the windows updates that have not been installed.  I am
getting an error that says that the software key is invalid. Not sure what
is going on - will let you know if I figure something out - if anyone has
any ideas let me know.  Deb

Deborah F Hale
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Subject: [Dshield] Interesting Prefetch file in Windows XP and MSBLAST.exe 

This has only appeared on multiple Windows XP SP1 with MS-026 et al patches.

But interesting all the same.

But have noticed that MSBLAST.EXE is in a prefetch file from under 
c:\windows\prefetch as msblast.exe-09FF8F2.pf

Seems to be unique and hoping that someone else has either seen anything 
similar or otherwise.

Has anyone seen anything similar to this?


Dan Morrill

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Otherwise, hope things are going well.

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