[Dshield] Problem With windows 2000

Paul Marsh pmarsh at nmefdn.org
Fri Aug 15 13:29:39 GMT 2003

Win2K is DNS dependant, make sure DNS is 100% fully operational and that all Nodes on the network are point to it.  Check out www.minasi.com for more information.

Thanx, Paul

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Hi All,
I was runnig my server on Windos Nt 4.0 with about 100 workstations.Recently I upgraded my server to windows 2000 Advanced server.Since i upgraded the server all the user accounts and profile were retained. And also i upgraded some of the workstations to windows 2000 professional and some were running windows 2000 proessionally earlier. Now the problem is when I log into the domain from windows 2000 workstations.. it really takes time. IT stucks for quite a while when it says" loasding profiles and applying settings" about 5-7 minutes. And once logged in it o[perates smoothly, can browse network easily.But when i log in from windows NT workstation there is no problem. can anyone help me out with this problem??? will be of greaaaaaaaaat help.

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