[Dshield] CNN 'Explores Possibility that Power Outage is Relatedto Internet Worm'

John D. lists at webcrunchers.com
Sat Aug 16 00:02:33 GMT 2003

>On the contrary,
>SCADA is accessed by Remote Terminal Units "RTU's".  SCADA runs under
>Win2000 / XP and the telemetry to the  RTU is accessible via the Internet.

I hope they have an efficient patch policy....  This totally SUCKS...  Our critical infrastructure depending on M$.
>We know that SCADA and DCS systems are supplied by one of 5 major vendors
>and these system are advertised on the vendors websites to run Microsoft
>Windows versions 95, 2000 and NT. Also advertised is DCOM and RPC support
>within these systems, RPC/DCOM recently became famous as the Lovsan/Blaster
>worm exploited this protocol to spread across the internet. With this said
>it is likely that an infected system infected a SCADA or DCS, and this could
>be why we are seeing large scale outages across the country.

Why am I not surprised...   Of course the authorities will play this down in front of the Media.


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