[Dshield] d-shield, who are they?

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Sat Aug 16 02:40:43 GMT 2003

I guess I just had to jump in on this. (I'll keep it short) 
I pick up my daughter at school and she tells me their PC's (hers a laptop) 
at school got hit with the blaster. She said they were all doing a project then 
windows notified them (all at once) that it was shutting down. It started a 
countdown so every one in the class started to chime in with the count down. 
Before it got to 0 the teacher pulled the plug and told every one to turn off 
the power. My daughter said that the teacher later got word that the entire 
school districts all got hit. Then she informs me that the day before she had 
bought a floppy home and put it in my machine. She said she ran a virus check and 
it looked clean. Then she said she tried to execute it but it didn't work. I 
said what happened and she said the only thing came up in notepad was a bunch 
of code. I told her she just executed it but notepad did not recognize the 
format. It's a 98SE and I checked it thoroughly just in case. I told her never to 
put any strange disks in the PC. Her school since receiving a generous grant 
last year has the most updated windows machines and software on the Market not 
to mention the cad and scientific programs available. But a lousy fail-safe 
setup? Since the school is networked to the whole school system it is vulnerable 
to anything. I wondered how many infected disks might find it's way to 
another machine and so on.

The news media didn't even mention it. I listened to the major news casters 
and they have little or no knowledge on Internet security. Then it dawned on me 
that the few people they rely on do not give a significant understanding to 
the public about security issues. Dah! Dahhhh! I thought about dshield and all 
the resourceful members it has. Mmmm, wouldn't it be nice if dshield could be 
consulted on various security topics by the media. I wouldn't bet on it but 
you guys and gals deserve some accreditation and the public would be more the 

John Daniels

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