[Dshield] Increased activity

Synergy synergx at attglobal.net
Sun Aug 17 13:49:54 GMT 2003

Hullo - I'm seeing somewhat increased activity here (cox.net, in RI) 
starting last night, and to a lesser extent on Comcast systems in Kittery 
ME and Seattle WA.  There are three patterns -- one is scanning from within 
the local class-B space, but not to port 135, rather a number of ports in 
the 1000-2000 range.  Here at least these seem to come from remote port 
1025.  Second is bursts of scans from port 80 to ports in the 1145-1150 
range, from IPs that Smartwhois says belong to Akamai.  Third is scans 
alleging to come from, from port 80 to a number of ports in 
1000-2000 range.  There are also a couple of French IPs banging on port 
1026...total altogether (here in RI) is maybe 150 or so starting last night.


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