[Dshield] msblaster

John D. lists at webcrunchers.com
Sun Aug 17 21:12:11 GMT 2003

>this might be premature, but a system I was working that had msblaster on it 
>wouldn't allow access to task mgr, msconfig or regedit even after msblaster 
>was removed...  then while it was off-line it started trying to reach 4 
>domains...  a window would pop up and time out then another attempt would be made to 
>the next address...  it would cycle around repeatedly and clicking cancel would 
>just cause it to go to the next one..  after backtracking the names

when you say "backtracking the names",  what do you mean by that...  who are these names?   where did they come from?   Were you referring to the names of
the ISP's?  I thought the IP's were forged.


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