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DAN MORRILL dan_20407 at msn.com
Mon Aug 18 19:44:19 GMT 2003

actaully there is the "ROI" holy grail on the business side, the amount of 
dollars sunk into the product, the fact that americans have bought into the 
"can't compute an roi on technology" syndrome, the investment has to pay off 
over time. Hence the idea that microsoft is extending NT 4.0 support out 
another year to 05. Companies can't afford short term expenditure on 
microsoft products, and have to stay with NT for another year.

This one could go on forever. But yes you did mention inertia.

So how come I can't pick up a computer at best buy, compusa, dell, or 
otherwise with a RedHat load GNOME ready, all built for me and ready to plug 
into my DSL wired, insecure wireless network to do internet connection 


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merely that MSN mail is over worked at the time.

Otherwise, hope things are going well.

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>On Mon, Aug 18, 2003 at 08:47:16AM -0700, Dan Morrill wrote:
> > Umm, Interesting,
> >
> > While it would be great to move away from Microsoft, what is the 
> > that will work? We are not just talking about high end business 
> > here, but a general user community that has "grown up with" Microsoft 
> > the 80's. It has become the "fait acomli" that Microsoft is fully 
> > at home, and in many cases businesses. Without a viable alternative that
> > people can accept, like a GNOME interface that is as easy and as slick 
> > Microsoft's or Apples interface for that matter, this is a discussion 
> > but no more than that.
>Look to the numerous European governmental jurisdictions that have
>moved entirely away from Micro$oft to Open Source operating systems,
>desktops, and user applications.
>America is too myopic.
>It can be done; it is being done; but in America the major problems
>are inertia, the good-ol-Micro$oft-boy-M$CE network; inertia; the fact
>that too many decision-makers have major investment positions in MSFT;
>inertia; an It-Wasn't-Invented-Here attitude; inertia.; and the
>excessively profit-driven, short-term outlook of so many companies...
>And did I mention inertia?
>(Inertia: n. Resistance to motion, action, or change.)
>- John
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