[Dshield] Spam Falloff (was Increased activity)

Josh Tolley josh at raintreeinc.com
Mon Aug 18 20:13:52 GMT 2003

Could it be because you don't filter it that you have such high percentages?
I certainly won't assume that most lists of spam-able email addresses are
very moderated -- once you're on, you're on. But perhaps some lists are
managed such that if the unique links they put in their HTML emails to
identify you are never hit after a certain number of messages, they give up
on you in favor of the apparently more productive addresses? That may not
make much sense, but after all, it seems that the spam I get starts off
saying "You've won a prize" followed by "No really, you've won a prize",
"Don't you want your prize", and "Act now before your prize is cancelled."
Could be that it really was cancelled after all....

- Josh 

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> >I guess you guys are the lucky ones.  If anything on my mail 
> gateway server
> >(serving 66 domains)  The spam level intercepted at the 
> gateway has remained
> >relatively constant, is perhaps slightly up in quantity.  It 
> is currently
> >running at about 600  (12% of total message traffic) per 
> day, with about 30%
> >increase on weekends.
> WOW!  You are very very luckey to have such low 
> percentages...   I'm getting up to 75% of spam on our network 
> but we don't filter it.   Are these percentages filtered or 
> un-filtered?
> John
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