[Dshield] Re: CNN 'Explores Possibility that Power Outage is Relatedto Internet Worm'

Kenneth Porter shiva at sewingwitch.com
Mon Aug 18 22:18:42 GMT 2003

--On Monday, August 18, 2003 5:38 PM -0400 John Stevenson <master at ajby.com> 

> Yes the system was old, and yes there had been too little money spent
> on it recently (a low level of legal/regulatory oversight verses
> commercial pressures) but that's the nature of a 'commercialised' monopoly
> service provision. (De-regulation in the US and privatisation in the UK)

I don't see regulation as some magic bullet here. The problem is a 
distorted  incentive system. Both regulation and profit can provide 
mechanisms for distributing incentive, but they don't guarantee what the 
incentives are, and regulation is every bit as subject to distortion as 
profit, if not more so due to unexpected sources of politicial pressure 
(such as those who were supposed to be regulated twisting it to stop 

> A "NIMBY" (UK expression - Not In My Back Yard) or "BANANA" (Apparently
> the US equivalent - Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything)
> attitude to carrying out public infrastructure upgrades always brings one
> closer to this sort of 'disaster' scenario.

I'm in the US, and NIMBY is a fairly common expression here as well. First 
time I've seen BANANA, though. Alas, it's all too often practiced.

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