[Dshield] Increase in port 25 traffic !

John D. lists at webcrunchers.com
Tue Aug 19 01:28:35 GMT 2003

>Anyone seeing a significant in tcp/25 traffic as well as ICMP and tcp/80 ?

it's probably the direct result of our efforts to shut down spammer gateways.
I think a shitload of them went "belly up" over the past few weeks and spammers are desperate to find new ones,  so they are doing a lot of SMTP scannning for more of them.

Also,  more and more people are putting up spam honeypots and fake SMTP servers to suck them in and catch them (spammers).

I've noticed some subtile but significant "changes" in the flow of spam mail we are getting these days.   our SpamCrunchers is really getting to the root of the problem (grin).

I can't wait until we get the database working again,  so I can start using it again.


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