[Dshield] Spam Falloff (was Increased activity)

John D. lists at webcrunchers.com
Tue Aug 19 01:44:53 GMT 2003

>Could it be because you don't filter it that you have such high percentages?

no - I don't filter the spam we get,  but we are seriously considering doing it.
Am leaning towards the SpamBayes stuff for filtering.   Right now,  I am collecting it for statistical research,  analysing patterns and will probably publish the results of the spammers don't kill me first.

>I certainly won't assume that most lists of spam-able email addresses are
>very moderated -- once you're on, you're on. But perhaps some lists are
>managed such that if the unique links they put in their HTML emails to
>identify you are never hit after a certain number of messages, they give up
>on you in favor of the apparently more productive addresses? That may not
>make much sense, but after all, it seems that the spam I get starts off
>saying "You've won a prize" followed by "No really, you've won a prize",
>"Don't you want your prize", and "Act now before your prize is cancelled."
>Could be that it really was cancelled after all....

90% of these are scams....


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