[Dshield] Spam Falloff (was Increased activity)

Craig Shaw CraigS at caamb.mb.ca
Tue Aug 19 15:22:09 GMT 2003


I would buy that as well, except I haven't seen similar fall-offs after
other major viruses were released. Has the news coverage about this one
really been that much better that a LOT more people went out and patched /
AV'd / firewalled themselves, compared to a Nimda worm, for example?

Again, I'm not complaining, just seeking to understand.

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>I agree, lot's of computers infected by trojan were probing my NAT
>"firewall" on port 445, when LoveSan went ballistic, hits on 445
>dropped to ZERO.  Clueless users forced to clean their machines
>cleaned LOTS of other nasty stuff as well...

That's MY theory as well...   (grin)

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