[Dshield] Linux A/V Recommendation?

Leone, Michael michael_leone at merck.com
Tue Aug 19 20:14:41 GMT 2003

Hrm.....There were a few others way before Ramen, check back late 96'. Of
course I might be overgeneralizing. -shrug- Just as well, check for
exploits, not saying Slack and BSD didn't have a lot more than their fair
share, but it does seem that they would be used on a Red Hat machine before
it was even found to work on any others. Of course Patching makes a big
difference, but the norm is usually people installing Red Hat and not
bothering (or not knowing how) to patch.

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Isn't this a little like saying to a Windows user that they should have
been running ME because that way they could have avoided the Blaster
I did a little (not much) research before replying, and the only Redhat
specific virus/worm I could find was Ramen. That worm had the code to
infect FreeBSD and Suse machines, but it wasn't turned on.
You're also assuming that the Redhat user is going to install everything
and not patch, as the patch to prevent infection by this worm was
available 3 months prior to the discovery of the worm.
Maybe I'm out to lunch here, but this doesn't seem like enough of a
threat to dump my Redhat distro for Slack or BSD.

On Tue, 2003-08-19 at 12:38, Leone, Michael wrote:
> <immense snippage>

>  Mainly due to paths, but sometimes functions also
> differ. Which leads me to my point, that since Red hat is so popular, that
> some viruses are written almost exclusively for it, hence rendering Red
> the most prone.
<end of immense snippage>

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