[Dshield] On the 'new worm'

karenj@worldlynx.net karenj at worldlynx.net
Wed Aug 20 01:19:38 GMT 2003

The people on dshield's list deserve a medal!

I'm just a housewife who stumbled on your list some months ago, and even
though I understand one-half of one percent of what you discuss, I try to
read as many posts as I can.  I like to think that I'm learning as I go. 
(Maybe, sigh.)

My reason for posting is to thank everyone for the early information on
the 'new worm' that appeared in my mailbox 8, perhaps 10 times today. 
Because I was aware of it by reading posts on this list, I never opened
the suspicious e-mail.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

I have a firewall, Zone Alarm, and McAfee, but I don't know if it still
would have gotten into my computer.  I alerted some family members and
friends of the various names the group mentioned, and sure enough, there
they were, ready to be opened.

I wish there was a Nobel prize I could nominate you-all for!!

Thank you, so much!!

Big ((((HUG)))) to each of you!

Take care (and keep up the great work!!)

Karen  :)

P.S.  You really should think about hooking up with one/some of the
national news stations to get the word out to the ususpecting millions of
pc users!

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