[Dshield] looks like a new virus via spaming

John D. lists at webcrunchers.com
Wed Aug 20 02:23:53 GMT 2003

>Hello all,
>Well I just got mail bombed with some new virus (at least that was my
>bet)called movie0045.pif.  It was all deleted before it reached my machine
>(mail washer).  The subjects vary between Your details, that movie,
>approved, thank you!, or wicked screen saver.  They appear to come from
>various sources, but I suspect that it is all the same spamer just using
>various different paths open to him as they all came in to the same email
>address at only a few minutes/seconds appart.

This is probably a strain of the SoBig trojan.   Please record what port numbers they are using.   if you can grab it,  let me know.


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