[Dshield] Linux A/V Recommendation?

Leone, Michael michael_leone at merck.com
Wed Aug 20 12:17:17 GMT 2003

Some of the other Consumer friendly *nix's like Mandrake and what used to be
SuSE before it died and was resurrected as a pay for profit OS can't
compare. Red Hat wiped them out like a bad habit. Can't blame them really,
they took the hatred for M$ and banked on it. They probably made a lot of
money, and are now living it up on a 61' Viking parked next to my old,
work-in-progress 48' hatteras. I toyed with Red Hat but was uncomfortable,
and it completely raped the Cyrix 166, 128mb ram, 10gig old-ass Compaq.
Slackware, however, runs great on it, and its not even stripped down that
much (except, I switched KDE for blackbox). Makes a good, "sits around with
no real use, but its set as the default dmz for all the wayward packets to
my network" computer. 

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> the norm is usually people installing Red Hat and not
> bothering (or not knowing how) to patch.

This is less of a problem now with Red Hat Network, which is sorta like
Windows Update. Give them an email address to spam and answer their "survey"
every 6 months and it's free, and relatively painless. I have my system set
nag me (slowly blinking red exclamation mark in the panel) but not
automatically install things until I give the go ahead.

How do the other "consumer friendly" versions of Linux compare?

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