[Dshield] MSN update e-mail

Josh Tolley josh at raintreeinc.com
Wed Aug 20 16:01:26 GMT 2003

I had a bunch yesterday as well on a hotmail account, but none today. Since
they were sent to a hotmail account, I figured it wasn't malicious, but was
a bug in something with MS, and didn't have time to dig into the headers.
Too bad they're deleted now...


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> Sorry if this an old topic but a few of my users have been 
> receiving allot of these e-mail at their home e-mail.  
> Nothing is attached to it, the links look good and they are 
> all from .NET Messenger Service Staff" 
> <dot_net_msgr_svc at msgr.hotmail.com.  I've got one user who 
> received 15 of them yesterday.  Unfortunately I'm unable to 
> get the headers for the users.
> Thanx, Paul
> You are receiving this e-mail because you are a MSN Messenger 
> or Windows
> Messenger Service user.
> As part of Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing initiative, Microsoft is
> updating the .NET Messenger Service and providing you with an 
> important
> MSN Messenger or Windows Messenger security update.
> If you are using MSN Messenger 5.0, Windows Messenger 4.7.2000, or MSN
> Messenger for Mac 3.5, or any versions higher than these, you 
> do NOT need
> this security update. To find out which version you have, select the
> 'Help' menu in Messenger, then select 'About'. If you are 
> using an older
> version, or are not sure, please visit:
> http://messenger.msn.com/Help/Upgrades.aspx
> for an update.
> NOTICE: If you are not using an updated version, you will be unable to
> continue using your MSN Messenger or Windows Messenger Service.
> Thank you for helping Microsoft further its commitment to helping you
> protect your privacy and security online.
> You can view the .NET Messenger Statement of Privacy at:
> http://messenger.msn.com/Help/Privacy.aspx
> and the .NET Messenger Service Terms of Use and Notices at:
> http://messenger.msn.com/Help/Terms.aspx.
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