[Dshield] Sobig-style message without attachement

Dan dan at dbdigitalweb.com
Wed Aug 20 17:09:40 GMT 2003

Yep I have seen this as well.  And yes I think that some are being striped
before it gets to you.  And I am still getting BOMED with this.  One of my
mailboxes was giving me a "your email is nearing full, please delete extra
messages" message early this morning.  And I cleaned it out late last night.

If this keeps up I may just move that one to another box and close the
current one.  It gets tiresom having to clean it out constainly and while
that particular ISP does have filtering on the mailserver, it moves
everything to a trash folder which is still counted as "mailbox space" so I
don't bother with it.  Easer for me to clean it out with my own software
(mail washer) than to have to look through a webmail interface (which can be
dog slow at times) in the trash folder to see if the filter got something it
should not have.


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Date: Wednesday, August 20, 2003 9:31 AM
Subject: [Dshield] Sobig-style message without attachement

>I have received two messages looking like Sobig.F
>Subject lines were "RE: Details" and "RE: That movie"
>Both messages had message body: "Please see the attached file for details."
>Either of these messages had an attachement.
>Could this be a new version of Sobig with a bug in attaching a file?
>Best regards
>Radiant sir, radiant.
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