[Dshield] Malformed Ip packet

Dean_Larson@May-Co.com Dean_Larson at May-Co.com
Thu Aug 21 13:02:50 GMT 2003

yes.  but here i've seen 2 packets, 2 hours apart.  it appears the protocol
is tcp, but the  source port is 0   :(

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I've been getting in malformed packets(says Sonicwall) from two addresses.
These packets seem to come in regularly from dial up connections from US.
Anybody seen this before?

Pakets cannot be return packets because they hit addresses which are not in

I have set up a capture trap and hopefully I can grab some packets to

08/21/2003 14:08:11.896 -     Malformed IP packet dropped. -
Source:, WAN -  Destination:XXX.XXX.XXX.161, 80 -    -

Best regards


Radiant sir, radiant.

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