[Dshield] Open proxy servers again on the rise.

Maheswaran S rsmahesh at apara.com
Thu Aug 21 14:50:09 GMT 2003

hi Jon,

How do we restrcit users from accessing these open proxy servers, is there
any URL filtering tool which has a database of the same.

We are very keen to block users from accessing these sites.Do give your
suggestions please.

Thanks and regds

Specialist - Security Solutions
Apara Enterprise Solutions
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> "John D." wrote:
> >
> > How many different ISP's are they in?    I've noticed a huge increase in
USA ISP's,  like the big major ones.   Do you report them?   Or are you just
gathering data?
> They are literally everywhere.
> On the average day, we send out reports on about 1,500 to 2,500 unique IP
addresses that are infected by open proxy servers.
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