[Dshield] NT4.51?

John Hardin johnh at aproposretail.com
Thu Aug 21 18:55:04 GMT 2003

On Thu, 2003-08-21 at 10:19, Wayne Beckham wrote:
> I'm showing my age here, but I seem to recall that
> around 96-97, when MS was pushing out NT4, there was a
> marketing decision that when replacing 3.51, the new
> NT would be called 4.51 - since no one trusts version
> 1.0 of anything.  

I remember differently - The first version of NT was shipped while
Windows 3.1 was available, so to avoid the "1.0" stigma and make it
appear to be better than Windows 3.1 to laymen, they decided to label it
"NT 3.5" instead.

... Windows 1.0 -> Windows 2.0 -> Windows 3.0 -> Windows 3.1

................................... NT 0.xxx -------------> NT 3.5

As if skipping the 1.0 version would actually avoid the bugs... :)

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