[Dshield] NT4.51?

Coxe, John B. JOHN.B.COXE at saic.com
Thu Aug 21 20:24:35 GMT 2003

Deb - 

Since the original question involved ICMP and that was a prominent problem
of NT3.51, I thought it was best included for discussion as a possible typo.
I don't recall NT 4.51 at all.  But the NT 4 and NetWare 4 version days are
all blurs now to me.  Who can keep that all straight today?  Does MS even
support NT4 still, or did it get dropped already?

John C -- still waiting for an MS Bob upgrade.......



> HUH!  Where did 3.5.1 come from?

NT 3.51 was NT 3.50 with the Windows 95 shell. It wasn't around much as I 
recall, I played with it at a previous gig, but we stuck with NT 3.50 
since it did what we wanted.

I understand that. I am just confused how we got to NT 3.51 when the
original question asked was:
 What is the difference between 4.0 and 4.51.  


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